Local History

The Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was founded at the University of North Carolina on January 24, 1920 by a handful of men who were part of a local fraternity. Founding fathers of the chapter included members of Playmakers Theater, Wrestling team, Rifle Club, and UNC Band. After thriving for almost a decade, the Alpha Delta Chapter was disrupted by a house fire that threw the chapter a devastating blow when they had to pay a $2500 dollar insurance premium to fix the house. In the spring of 1933, after 13 years of rich history on campus, financial hardships of the Great Depression caused the chapter to close.

Delta Sigma Phi Logo Med

In 1986, the Alpha Delta Chapter was given new life by Allen James, the Delta Sigma Phi National President, who worked to get Delta Sig back at UNC. Bill Hooker was sent from Delta Sig nationals to recruit guys for this resurrection of Delta Sigma Phi. After Hooker met with Brad Bailey, a resident of Granville West, he soon had five men who were interested in Delta Sigs no hazing and no drug policies that seemed to plague other fraternities on campus. At the end of April 1986, these men were initiated into Delta Sigma Phi and revived the dormant chapter after 53 years. The chapter was strong and continued to grow. A new house was built in the early 90’s on Finley Golf Course. The chapter prospered throughout the 90’s and a strong alumni base began to form. Then as the millennium turned, the brothers began to slip away from the no drugs, no hazing approach that had helped to reestablish the chapter. The alumni would not accept substandard performance from the undergraduate brothers, and shut down the chapter in the fall of 2001 with the intentions of starting anew with the best men that could be found at UNC.

Due to a very strong Alumni Corporation Board, Delta Sigma Phi National Headquarters sent in Kyle Roslund and Scott Wiley to jump-start the chapter in the spring of 2002. They actively scoured the UNC campus for men who were interested in the ideals of Delta Sigma Phi and as the spring semester went on, more men came aboard. By the close of the semester, 14 men were initiated into the Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. During the 2002-2003 academic year, Delta Sigma Phi continued to grow and evolve while living the values and ideals of the national fraternity, such as challenging each man to a great good. This adherence to our values is what has made us a strong as we are now and it ensures our continued success.