Interested in becoming a Delta Sig? Every brother brought into the fraternal bonds of brotherhood, finds a family of friends that shared for life and who serve as guides through your college experience. Brothers are more than just friends, but they are tutors, mentors, teachers, and students alike. Every brother in Delta Sigma Phi has something to offer to the fraternity through their collective experiences, whether they be in the classroom, on the athletic field, or through one’s life journey. Brothers study together, perform service together, celebrate together, and mourn together. Wherever a brother may be, they are never truly alone. Wherever a brother may find himself in need, Delta Sigma Phi is never far away. Through a brother’s college experience, Delta Sigma Phi is there every step of the way, and upon graduation, every brother is gifted a national network of friends, connections, and contacts, present in nearly every industry or career choice imaginable. Though this gift does not come freely, every brother, upon initiation, is committed to becoming a better man than they were previously. To lead with courage. To act with passion. To commit to excellence. If this sounds interesting to you, reach out to Delta Sigma Phi. Are you ready to be a Delta Sig?