Will my grades suffer from joining this fraternity?

Most people are surprised to learn that the all-fraternity GPA here at UNC has generally been higher than the non-fraternity. You can see this for yourself. Additionally, Delta Sigma Phi offers a scholarship for both the highest GPA and the most improved GPA to encourage good grades. Further, our bylaws dictate that all brothers must maintain a minimum 2.7 GPA.

What would this fraternity offer me?

Among many other advantages, brothers can expect to improve their leadership, group communication, and social skills. Also, brothers have an instant social network here at UNC. Additionally, there are literally tens of thousands of Delta Sigs nationwide; more than a few brothers have gotten jobs because their boss is a Delta Sig. Possibly most important, the friendships formed in the fraternity are for a lifetime. This point is illustrated by the many alumni events we hold each year.

Why Delta Sig and not another fraternity?

Delta Sig does not do the things that many people find unattractive about some of the other fraternities. The majority of our brothers were not interested in being in a fraternity, but they joined Delta Sig because we are not the typical fraternity.

Will I be hazed?

Absolutely not! Delta Sigma Phi believes in building brotherhood through activities like pledge dinners and study hours–not hazing. One of our founding principles was a no hazing policy, so when we say no hazing we really mean it. Quite frankly, we have better things to do than come up with pointless and abhorrent activities that demean others. We are simply better than that.

Is the fraternity a big time commitment?

We have chapter for about one hour each week. Only a couple of other things like initiation and rush events are mandatory. We offer numerous events throughout the year (see next question for specifics), but very little is mandatory to attend. However, we have found that the fraternity experience is more fulfilling if you attend as many events as you are able.

What sorts of activities are offered?

Among the many things we do are: brotherhood dinners, cocktails, sorority mixers, road trips, intramural sports, formal/semi-formal, conventions, and leadership conferences. Take a look at our calendar to see some actual examples.

How much are your dues?

Delta Sigma Phi has the lowest dues of any fraternity on campus. However, this does not prevent us from offering several events throughout the year.